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Why the lion and tiger fear each other.

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Very often we try to double guess the other person’s motives. When we find ourselves in strange situations, we act without much thought. Here is a story about the two most feared animals. And it is a rather hilarious account of how these two animals end up fearing each other. In the bargain, they lose what they first set out in pursuit of.

The King of the jungle sets out to find the perfect place to build itself a home. Almost by coincidence, the tiger sets out on a similar mission and chooses the same spot.  Each day one of them makes an addition to the house and the following day the other is surprised to see the progress. Both of them end up thinking that it’s the work of a good samaritan. One fine day, the tiger and the lion run into each other. They then understand what’s been going on with the house. They get into an argument about who the rightful owner is and eventually agree to live together. But not for long. Deep down the tiger fears an attack by the lion and the lion fears an attack by the tiger.  Do they get to live in the house they built? To know what finally happens to them, listen to the audio of this fun filled story.

Experience this story in audio version here :-

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