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Why the bear has a short tail?

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Greed is an invitation to danger. By the time we realise our mistake, it usually is a bit too late. This story about a bear that lost its tail, is a classic example of this.

A bear wants to catch many fish and more than what it needs. It runs into a fox and asks the fox for some ideas to catch a lot of fish. A fox is a fox. It tells the bear to drop its tail in icy waters to attract fish. The bear also believes the fox and endures the cold in order to catch fish. When it can take no more of the cold and the fish bites, the bear is ready to pull its tail out of the water. The bear imagines a whole lot of fish sticking to its tail. But what happens leaves the bear in tears. The bear sobs inconsolably. But there is nothing it can do to undo what happened.

Experience this story in audio version here – Why Bears have short tails?

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