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The talking cave

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Life is all about the survival of the fittest. This is true for the animal kingdom too. While one might consider oneself intelligent , it is not wise to assume that others are not.  The Talking cave is one such story. The fox for a change is not up to tricking other animals but just manages to escape being tricked.

It’s one of those days when the lion doesn’t find its kill. Hungry and tired, it walks into a cave to get some rest. As it enters the cave, the lion is absolutely delighted to see the paw prints of a fox . The lion can just not believe its luck. It decides to hide in the cave and wait until the fox returns. Of course the lion does not for once think about the trail its paws have left behind. The fox returns and is shocked to find a lion’s paw prints. The fox cannot wait outside the cave in fear and uncertainty. What does it do then? Let’s find out from this rather fun and amusing story of the talking cave. Yes, a talking cave.

Experience this story in audio version here:

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