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The Story of the Bull – Jataka Tales

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The Story of the Bull – Jataka Tales

A long time ago, a man took very good care of his bull. He loved it dearly like his own child and always spoke kind words to the bull. The bull felt grateful to him and said, “Oh Master, go and challenge anyone that your bull can pull 100 heavily loaded carts. I shall win the bet for you”. The man did as the bull said. He went around and challeneged anyone and everyone who had a strong bull. “I bet a 1000 coins, my bull can pull a 100 heavily loaded carts, can yours?” But no one came forward. “How can a bull pull 100 heavily loaded carts, its imposiible”, they thought. Finally, one merchant came forward and challenged the man.

It was the day for the challenge and the bull was brought to the challenge ground. So many people gathered to see if the bull really pull a 100 heavily loaded carts. The crowd and the attention made the man proud. He stood proudly with his hands on his hips, lashed the whip in the air and said, “Oh dumb animal, pull these carts”.

The bull was shocked. “This challenge was my idea. I wanted to help this man who had been so kind to me till this minute. Yet, he is overcome with pride. I will not move”, the bull decided and stood where he stood. The man lost the challenge and a 1000 gold coins. He stood sad and upset. The bull felt bad and asked him why he was upset. The man said, “I lost 1000 gold coins because of you. Why did you not move?”. The bull said, “Because you called me dumb! You have never said these words to me before”. The man felt sorry for what he did. The bull said, “Ok, challenge 2000 gold coins now”. The man challenged again. This time, he said, “Oh dear bull! I treat you as my own son. Will you pull these 100 heavily loaded carts for me?”. And the bull pulled the 100 heavily loaded carts. The man won the challenge and also learnt an important lesson. He learnt that Harsh words bring no reward. Respectful words bring honour to all.

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