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The Story of Diwali – King Rama returns to Ayodhya

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Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India.  A festival that brings a smile on everyone’s face and lights a lamp in everyone’s heart. Diwali celebrations across India are different and also have different significance. In some parts of India, the return of Rama, the beloved king of Ayodhya marks the celebration of Diwali.

Let’s listen to the story of why Rama’s return is celebrated as Diwali.

Queen Kaikeyi of Ayodhya sends Prince Rama on exile for fourteen years. Rama’s wife Sita and his brother Lakshman willingly join him on his exile.  They lead a peaceful and content life in a hut in a forest.  One day, Sita finds a beautiful golden colour deer wandering behind her hut.  She wished to have the golden deer and asks Rama to bring her the deer. Rama chases the deer which was actually an asura in disguise. Sita and Lakshmana heard Rama’s cry for help from afar(which was the asura’s trick). A worried Sita thinks Rama is in danger. She insists Lakshman to go and help him.

A reluctant Lakshman draws the lakshman rekha and advises Sita to stay within the line. As soon as Lakshman is gone, Ravana, the king of Lanka appears at the hut in disguise. He tricks Sita into crossing the Lakshman Rekha and kidnaps sita. Rama and Lakshman return to find an empty hut. They set off to find Sita. They meet Hanuman who helps find Sita in Lanka. A furious Rama fights Ravana and defeats him and rescues Sita.

After their exile of fourteen years, Rama , Sita and Lakshman return to Ayodhya. They are welcomed by their people with great joy and relief.  The whole kingdom was lit with thousands of lamps. And that is how the day came to be celebrated as Diwali – meaning rows of lights.

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