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The Royal Feast

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A long time ago, there lived a king… is easily the most loved and most listened to phrase from our childhood. The stories about kings and queens and wise ministers are frequently narrated by parents and grandparents from India. They teach children the ways of life, they teach them to differentiate the right from the wrong, they are packed with virtues, lessons and morals.

We all know that it is easy to break one stick but a few sticks tied together are very difficult to break. Why is that? That’s because the bundle of sticks has the strength of all the sticks put together. That is the power of a team.  The strength of the sticks is something everyone understands. But how does a teacher explain to his students that they can be as strong as the bundle of sticks or as weak as a single stick?

The royal feast is one such story in which a king wants his sons to be a good team and not fight among themselves. The king actually sends his sons to a Guru to learn archery. Though each of them become good at archery, they also become very boastful and argue among themselves about who is the better archer. The king is very upset and wants to put an end to their pride. He and the guru come up with a plan to teach the boys a lesson. What is the plan? How do the boys come to their senses? What is the royal feast all about? This is a very interesting story with a fantastic twist. So don’t miss it.

Experience this story in audio version here – The Royal Feast


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