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The Rainbow Girl

Parenting through Stories

Is your child attached to a toy, pillow or blanket?

Then this story is just for you! Before we move on to the story, let’s look at some factual information.

Studies suggest that up to 70% of young children share an emotional attachment to an object of their choice.  A major percentage of the population shares an emotional and human-like bond with these inanimate objects. Children find comfort in the objects and believe that, just like them, the objects possess feelings too.

The attachment our children have with the objects of their choice comes from a sense of comfort, security, and familiarity of their shape, size, touch, and smell. But how much of this attachment is good for the children?

HeyCloudy’s recommended story “The Rainbow Girl” deals with a similar situation. The story is about a girl whose life revolves around rainbows. From her lunch box to the walls of her room, everything is in the colors of the rainbow.  Even her building blocks were arranged in rainbow-colored theme and is not to be messed up with! Until one day, when she lets go of it and steps foot into a world beyond rainbows.

Sounds familiar? When it comes to attachment, unwillingness to let go and explore, we parents have a very important role to play. Gently nudge them to expand their horizons. And how do we do this? We have got your back. The story of “The Rainbow Girl” is here to help children understand the importance of letting go and exploring new horizons. Listen to it with your young ones and then build your own story. Have conversations around the topic and gently help your child to handle the situation.  Have you listened to The Rainbow girl yet?

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