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The Power of Listening

Parenting through Stories

Do you know why the ancient Gurukul system of India was majorly based on learning through listening?

Listening has an immense power to shape us in varied ways. In gurukuls, the Sishyas used to listen to their Guru’s teachings, there were hardly any books for reference or notes made. Sishya’s grasped the lessons with undivided attention and repeated the verses(often in various rhythms and patterns) to reinforce what they learned. Stories from epics,  stories about the valor of ancestors and the story of mankind, in general, also played an important role in the curriculum.  Learning through listening ensured sustained attention, a healthy personality, and bonding with their teacher that lasted a lifetime. To find out, read further!

“Listening” in the modern educational system is now being supported by visual and kinesthetic models. While each approach has its own pros and cons, it is notable that we live in a world where we have forgotten to appreciate the gifts we have been bestowed with. One of them is a pair of ears. As an adult, we definitely understand that efficient listening is what makes a person a good communicator.

But when it comes to children, we do not pay much attention to this gift that leads to developing an array of life skills.

The “power of listening” helps our little ones in language development and widening of vocabulary. But is that it? What more can listening possibly do? Let’s dig deeper.

Be a Leader

Listening helps the children to acquire great communication skills. It brings out the leaders in them. Listening improves their ability to respect the opinions of everyone around them. It makes them better equipped to manage and resolve any kind of conflict they have within themselves or with others. As the quote by Kelly Wearstler goes,

The single most important key to success is to be a good listener.

Jack Zenger and Joesph Folkman, when elaborating on “What Great Listeners Actually D0”, mention that out of 3492 participants (managers who wanted to get better at their job), only top 5% were identified as the most efficient listeners. This suggests that effective listening is a rare and important quality for leaders and they better with experience.

Accept and Empathize

Listening helps children to broaden their mindset, which further results in empathizing with others around them. With listening, our little ones enhance themselves with new experiences and hence, always get a better sense of understanding for themselves and others. With good listening skills, children also really learn about the other person’s experience. It improves their judgement about situations and eventually, make them empathetic.

Shape personality

Lastly, to answer the question we put forth at the very beginning, the power of listening has an immense impact on our identity, personality and character. Listening plays the most important role in our children’s lives in establishing interpersonal relationships and makes them most efficient with practical knowledge which helps in dealing with the direst situations. Keeping in mind these small yet crucial points, the ancient gurukuls of India followed the practice of teaching through listening.

Listening is the key for our children to become efficient student and conversationalist. Now is our time to put our collective efforts and help them become good at what they do.

At HeyCloudy, we appreciate the great benefits Listening brings and in an attempt to present all these in a fun package, we bring to you a wide range of Audio content for children So, what are you waiting for? Get on with listening to some very beautiful and meaningful stories available on HeyCloudy app and let the magic begin for your child!

Happy listening to you and your little one!

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