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The poor man’s blanket

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It’s good to be kind and generous. But sometimes the act of giving makes us proud and vain. The person giving is bound to feel good. But what about the person receiving help. How must he feel? Do we actually give what someone needs or do we give because it makes us feel good about ourselves?

Here’s a story about a poor man in the kingdom of Vijayanagar. King Krishnadevaraya, one of his ministers and Tenali Rama take a walk around the kingdom. Suddenly a gust of wind makes the king feel cold. The minister quickly covers the king with a shawl. The king immediately thinks about the poor people in his kingdom and how cold they must be feeling. So he distributes blankets to the poor people he sees on the streets. The minister is all praise for the king. But Tenali Rama is completely silent. He neither appreciates the king for his generosity nor does he acknowledge it. The king is taken aback. The minister keeps praising the king hoping Tenali Rama will say something. But to no avail. The king understandably is angry with Tenali Rama for his long silence. When the king can take it no more, he decides that Tenali Rama should leave the kingdom. The king however allows him to take just one thing with him before leaving. What does Tenali Rama ask the king for? Does he leave the kingdom after that? Listen to this story with an interesting twist.

Experience this story in audio version here – The Poor man’s blanket

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