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The Long Necked Giraffe

Parenting through Stories

Have you checked out the story of “The Long-Necked Giraffe” yet?

We adore children as they are most innocent of the lot. Yet, nowadays, we keep hearing stories of children being bullied in school and their surroundings. And the contrast leaves us overwhelmed in some way or the other. It brings us down to think about the possibility of our lack of nurturing them rightly.

To think of it, it’s just a lack of understanding about being different and accepting differences. It’s very important to educate children about accepting themselves and others for being different in any way.  Added to this, it is the parent’s responsibility to make them recognize their innate potentials and capabilities and drive them into making the best out of it in all situations.

The story “Long necked Giraffe”  portrays the life of a giraffe with a long neck. Because of his long neck, other animals make fun of him at every chance they get. Until they realize how the giraffe’s ‘long neck’ comes to their rescue.

While on the surface, the story might seem to be a fun story about a giraffe who is not very happy about his long neck, if you delve deeper the story wraps a lot more meaning in it. It talks about being different, accepting differences and making the best out of our capabilities.

These are big topics to talk with a child in a direct manner. But such simple stories make it easier to drive the point across to them. Don’t you agree?

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