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The Little Fir tree

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As people we tend to compare ourselves with others. We tend to look at a neighbour, friend or relative and think, “Oh! How I wish I were like him”, or “Oh! How I wish I have what he has.”.  Though it’s natural to feel that way once in a while, we must not lose sight of who we are and what we have. It’s important to appreciate and feel thankful for what we have.

That’s what the story of the little fir tree is too. A young fir tree growing in a forest is always upset with itself. The fir tree wishes to be big like the other trees in the forest. It wants to be able to do everything that the big trees do, like watch the sunrise and touch the clouds. While it spends all its time feeling bad, the fir tree forgets to enjoy some beautiful things that happen only to it everyday. It doesn’t realise that the rabbits, the hares and the little children enjoy playing only with the fir tree and not the other big trees. One day, the woodcutters chop the big trees and take them away on a ship. The fir tree becomes even more upset. It wants to travel like the other big trees. So one night, when the fir tree spots a shooting star, it makes a wish. What is that wish? Is the fir tree granted the wish? What happens to the fir tree then? Don’t you want to know? Well, you sure do. Listen to the audio story to know what happened to the little fir tree.

Experience this story in audio version here – The Little Fir Tree

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