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The king who stopped the river

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People make mistakes. Sometimes they really believe that they’re doing the right thing, but in fact are not.  Now what do you do when someone is making a mistake? One way is to tell them straight away. But will the person be willing to listen? May be or may be not. There is another way to tell them they’re making a mistake. Do you want to know what that is?

The story of the king of Kalahati is one such story. He was a king who was very proud of himself and his kingdom. So proud that he thought that the river flowing through his kingdom belonged to him entirely. One day he finds out from his minister that the river flows into the neighbouring kingdom. He becomes very angry and decides to stop the course of the river by building a dam. The moment the news reaches his people, they come running to the queen. The queen happens to be a wise person. She understands that the king is too proud and foolish to listen to anybody. She knows he is making a big mistake by building the dam. So she decides to tell him that he is making a mistake. Why is the dam a mistake? And how does the queen make the king understand his mistake? To know more, listen to this wonderful story.

Experience this story in audio version here: The King who stopped the river

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