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The Floating palace

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Here is the story of a king who literally wants to build a castle in the air.

King Krishnadevaraya has a dream in which he sees a beautiful palace that floats. The palace is so beautiful that he wants to have it at any cost. His ministers try their best to explain to the king that what he had was only a dream and a dream like that cannot be fulfilled. That a floating palace cannot be built even for a king.  But the king is in no mood to listen. Finally, it is Tenali Rama who steps in to sort things out.  This time however, he makes an appearance in front of the king, not as himself but disguised as an old man. What does Tenali Rama do to bring the king back to his senses? Do you want to know? Listen to this fantastic story.

Experience this story in audio version here – The Floating Palace

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