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The Ant and the grasshopper

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The Ant and the Grasshopper – A story from the Aesop Fables

A long time ago, in a garden, a family of Ants were busy storing food for winter. In the same garden lived a lazy grasshopper that was lying down on the grass and enjoying the sunshine. He played his fiddle all day long. “Come, have fun with me. Let’s play the fiddle. There is much time left to do our work”, the grasshopper called the ants. But the ants continued doing their work.

The grasshopper was not worried, he told himself “There is plenty of food right now. Why worry about the winter already?”

Soon, winter came and the grasshopper had nothing to eat. The ants stayed in their anthill as they had stored enough food for winter. The grasshopper realized his mistake “I spent my time playing the fiddle and having fun. I postponed my work. And now I have nothing to eat!”

The story teaches us that it is best to “Work while you work and play while you play”.

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