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Tenalirama – Tila-Kashta-Mahisha-Bandhana

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Knowledge coupled with wisdom is a good recipe for success. At the sam time, it’s important to understand that nobody can know everything. No matter how much we learn there is always more to learn. So while knowledge is important, it is even more important to have the wisdom to use that knowledge in the right place and at the right time.

The story of a pundit who thought very highly of himself, is one such story. Not just is he proud of his knowledge, but he also goes around from kingdom to kingdom to challenge the other pundits to debate. But it doesn’t go on forever. Unfortunately for the pundit, what happens in the kingdom of Vijayanagar is not what he expects. The pundits of Vijayanagar are not happy about the challenge but have no choice since the king gives his approval. But Tenali Rama comes to their rescue. What does he do? Does he use his knowledge to outsmart the pundit or does he use his wisdom or does he use both? This story gets more and more interesting and you should listen to it now.

Experience this story in audio version here: Tila-Kashta-Mahisha-Bandhana

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