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Tenalirama – The unlucky man

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This is the story of Morya, a person who lived in King Krishnadevaraya kingdom. Nobody knows how it started, but everybody in the kingdom believes that he brings bad luck to anyone who sees his face. The rumour reaches the king Krishnadevaraya. The king is tempted to find out if what the people say is true. He makes Morya his guest. One morning he greets Morya and proceeds with his days’s work. A stray fly in his breakfast and a badly cooked lunch spoils his mood. It makes him think about Morya’s face because never as a king has he ever gone hungry. He is now certain that Morya is the reason his day is ruined.  The king wastes no time in banishing Morya from his kingdom. Tenali Rama however is the only person unhappy about it. But the intelligent man that he is, he finds a wonderful way to tell the king that he is very wrong about Morya and that what he has heard from other people is only a superstition. What does Tenali do? We’re sure you can’t wait to know. Well! listen to the story to know.

Experience this story in audio version here – The Unlucky man

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