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Thinking that it’s finally time to start teaching your child some concepts? Why not start with Space?

With the vastness and depth of the subject, you might think that it is too early for your child. But hey! We are, but a speck in this whole Universe! What could be a better start?

Learning becomes all the more interesting when it’s relatable and raises curiosity. The children learn to put off their curiosity in return for knowledge by questioning and observation. They involve themselves in logical and analytical thinking.

As quoted by Aristotle, ” Imagination is more important than knowledge”, SPACE STORIES would definitely be a great start! For children, the concept of space proves to be an easy and reinforcing one as it acknowledges their ability to imagine and think creatively. We can closely experience the phenomenon of the objects in space, but cannot readily see or touch them. Space is a real concept that requires some level of imagination to understand it. As a result of which, it plays a major role in bridging the gap between the two very smoothly.

Over the decades, space and the solar system have been few of the most interesting and intriguing topics in science. Not just for children, even adults like us are drawn towards the facts about space. For our children, space becomes relatable because the sun, moon and stars are already in their knowledge through stories and everyday experience.

The facts about space are innumerable. For us, as parents, it is difficult to decide on a starting point to teach our children about space. It is advisable to start with the basic equipment related to the study of space, i.e., the telescope. Oh wait, we think we have just what you are looking for! An exclusive series of SPACE STORIES and a TALKING TELESCOPE!

Yes! With HeyCloudy, we bring to you and your little one an amazing collection of audio stories full of interesting facts and concepts about the space! Download the HeyCloudy app from the playstore. And watch the eyes of your little one sparkle with joy when he/she listens to the stories of the Space unfold itself.

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