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Sleepy Hedgehog

Parenting through Stories

Every child is different from others in one way or more. It could be any behavioural difference, the difference in culture and language, appearance, it could be the accent, it could be anything. As parents, we understand it could be challenging for children to be different from others. Our children might hesitate to be bold if there is any hefty difference they perceive in themselves when compared to others. At such a young age, they are yet to grasp the idea that being different is okay!

Worried about how will you ever know if your child feels okay being different? If he/she does, how will you impart the concept of ‘being comfortable in your own skin’ to them? What’s more effective than storytelling to teach the children such essential and complex concepts? Well, now, you are worried about where will you find a story? We have it all prepared for you!

The story recommendation for the week is about a sleepy hedgehog. The hedgehog is different from other animals on the farm. It is round, small and has huge spikes on its body.  There were cows, a herd of sheep, pigs and chickens on the farm. But nobody felt comfortable to come near the spiky hedgehog.

After a tiring day, all the hedgehog wanted was a cozy and comfortable place to sleep. But because of its spikes, the other animals didn’t let it come near them. What happens next? Listen to the story of “SLEEPY HEDGEHOG” on HeyCloudy with your little one!

The story subtly explains the concept of accepting and celebrating individual differences. The difference could be in terms of diversity, language, culture, race, appearance to name a few. It also depicts about taking criticism constructively without being vulnerable.

The wise pig teaches us how to make the best use of resources. Listen to the story of the sleepy hedgehog with your child and be assured that he/she will learn big concepts like accepting and celebrating individual differences.

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