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Parenting through Stories – Is it possible? How?

Parenting through Stories

One of the best feelings in the world is to see our child come running to us when we return home after a long day. The kind of joy the little ones bring to our lives turns all the worry over efforts and responsibilities into contentment. Alongside this, becoming parents bring a considerable amount of positive changes in our lives.

As parents, we are always on the go to discover new and constructive ways to raise our child. As and when our child grows, we face challenges in the journey of nurturing him/her and actively overcome them with time. The world of parenting is no doubt, fascinating! Every part of the world has a different parenting style, and there is no right or wrong to it. But what remains unchanged is the charm of it. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), one of the goals shared by all parenting styles is to prepare the child to be a happy and productive adult.

Parenting has undergone a great deal of change over generations. Yet, there is one thing that remains unchanged, i.e., the ritual of storytelling! Stories are one of the most powerful tools of parenting. Yes, a tool! Not just something to put them to sleep or to feed them. Stories are powerful!

Stories plant the seed of belief in children. It shapes a child in innumerable ways and opens a whole different world for them to explore and learn. Lessons learned through stories stay with children for the longest time. That’s why Rudyard Kipling said,

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”

Parenting through stories is not only possible but also one of the best and most effective styles for it. It helps in encouraging the psychological development and wellbeing of the child. Stories give joy to our children as much as it enhances their creativity and imagination.

Parenting through stories form an open space for communication between the child and the parents. The way children interpret each story provides the parents with an idea about their personal, social and moral development. This further persuades the parents to correct the child’s understanding of concepts, if needed. In simpler words, stories become a way for the parents to analyze the growth of their child.

In this busy world, at times, it is normal to get a little anxious about bringing up children with proper care and commitment. Pay no heed to such moments of apprehension. That’s when quality(time) wins over quantity.

The act of storytelling builds an emotional attachment between the child and the parents. The two-way attachment proves to be fundamental for building basic trust in the relationship. It creates a safe and friendly platform for the child to confide in. This, later, determines the physical and psychological wellbeing of the child. Being a form of reinforcement for children, the traditional approach of storytelling exposes varied lessons of growth and understanding to the children.

Parenting through stories is not a new, now-in-style approach. Infact, It is been followed through generations and over centuries. After all, The Universe is made of storiesnot of atoms (Muriel Rukeyser)

In addition, Parenting through Stories help the child and the parents to make better sense of their daily challenges and manage them collectively.

Are you ready to take the first step in Parenting through Stories? Here is the first step. Commit any particular time of the day for storytelling(Bedtime often works best for most). Make it a practice to tell a story everyday to your child. And whenever you need a story, remember HeyCloudy is there with YOU on this journey!

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