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Paper Plate Emoji – A simple activity with benefits


Emotion is like energy in motion!

Children use expressions as their tool to convey feelings in early years till they discover the world of words to complement those emotions. Childhood is full of innocence and this innocence helps make their growing years happy and cheerful.

Lets depict this happiness and other emotions on paper plate.

Do this activity with your child and celebrate HAPPINESS.

Materials Required

  • Round non-sectional paper plates
  • Paint (yellow or orange)
  • Pain brush
  • A small bowl for water to dip the brush
  • News paper to cover the surface
  • Black marker
  • 2 Googli eyes (optional)
  • Ice cream stick (or skewer)
  • Sticking tape or glue


  • Paint the paper plate with yellow or organge color and let it dry.
  • Once dried, stick the two googlie eyes or use marker to draw two eyes and a smile on the plate.
  • Alternatively, you can also cut shape of eyes and smile using black felt paper and stick it on the plate
  • Once dried, using a sticking tape or glue, stick the icre cream stick or wooden skewer on the back side of the plate in the center.
  • Your smiley plate is ready!!!

You can also make various other emojis like Sad, Angry, Quite etc.


A simple activity like this can do wonders to your child’s physical, emotional, social and brain development. A simple yet creative way of engaging with your child, emoji making activity is another way to bond with your child in a screen-free mode. Besides, it also helps:

  • develop fine motor skills
  • enhance focus and
  • boost creativity

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