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Parenting through Stories

Have you ever wondered how fast time goes by around our children? Have you ever worried about not doing enough to raise them right?

You are not alone!

To all of us, it is a constant challenge to watch out for new things to involve our kids with. We, as parents, always want to give our children the best to make sure they are growing right. It is difficult to always find something new that engages them AND exposes them rightly to the world affairs. Most of all, we want to broaden their mindset through simple things. We want them to use their brain frequently, because as we like to believe – The more children use their brain, the better it becomes.

We look for simple things that can broaden their mindset, extend their imagination and shape their value system. Do you think it is possible?

Why not?! Remember how our childhood was surrounded by so many stories, each with a different thing to teach? And how the lessons taught through those stories stayed the longest with us? So why not do the same with our children? What better way than stories to have some fun while not having to worry about how to teach them the difference between good and bad?

It’s incredible to see how perfectly the brains of kids work with stories. It helps them THE MOST to understand new concepts and connect them with what they already know.

No time to tell stories? Wondering where to find stories now? Don’t worry, we have it all figured for you! We have come with a solution that fits just right in today’s world.

Heycloudy it is!

HeyCloudy comes as a perfect platform of ready-to-narrate stories. With Heycloudy, you can share and enjoy a wide range of audio stories with your children and be amazed at how magical their imagination can be. It includes short stories for the children, bedtime stories, stories that teach value, mythological tales, folktales, classic stories, educational stories, you name it and HeyCloudy has it.  Not just that, HeyCloudy has Riddles ones that gently tickle your little one’s brains (and we make sure they are age-appropriate).

Heycloudy is surely a treat for parents who are always on the go to figure out ways with their little ones. So what are you waiting for? Download the HeyCloudy app from play store right away (oh, and it’s free), dig into it and watch your kids carry the best childhood memories as they grow up.

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