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Let’s make a Hen!


Have you heard the story of The Red Hen?

Shall we make a colorful hen like this?

Lets start..

Use any circular object to mark and cut on the white sheet. Here we have used a cd.

Cut more than 1/4th of the circle as shown. And trim little of the top portion.

Now shall we cut the beak crown and the legs. Stick them as shown

Let’s decorate the hen now.  Take a pen and draw designs that you like on it. 

Shall we add some feathers?

Take small strips of papers and glue it to the hen like this.

Did we cut a portion of the circle? Let’s take it and draw few lines on it. Now fold a portion of it and stick the folded portion on the hen.

Stick the legs and your hen is ready

Shall we make the hen stand outside our house?

Take the green strip of paper and cut vertical lines. Now paste it on a blue sheet(or any color). Now time to stick our hen on the paper!

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