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Learning is Fun – The thirsty crow

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Thirsty and tired on a hot summer day, a crow is looking for water to drink. But to its dismay, not a drop of water is in sight. The crow then finds  a water jug with very little water at the bottom. Too little for the crow to even reach! What would the crow do now? Well well, we all know the story too well. The intelligent crow drops stones into the water, makes it rise up and then drinks the water happily!

What is there to learn from such a simple story, you ask? A lot! A lesson on not giving up, to start with. The learning does not end there! It subtly touches upon the concept of Water displacement! “When an object enters water, it pushes out water to make room for itself. The object pushes out a volume of water that is equal to its own volume.” ALL of that explained in a simple story! Isn’t that amazing?

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