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Lacing activity with Granny’s twinkling shoes!


Have you heard the story of The Twinkling Feet? Yes? Great! Now, let’s help Granny get a new shoe. This activity gives good control over fine motor skills.

All that we need is a Foam Sheet(or any thick paper), Punching Machine, Glue Stick, Glitter Stones, Lace/Rope and a bead!

Draw an outline of granny’s shoe and cut it out.



Punch holes using a punching machine along the sides.

Shall we add some twinkle to the shoe? Glue glitter stones as you like on the shoe.

Shall we add the lace now??

Take a string and add a bead at the end and secure it with a knot. Apply glue to the tip of the  other side to make the string firm

Let the child add the string along the punched holes. 

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