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Kadubu Kadubu – A Story from India

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Kadubu Kadubu – A Story from India

A long time ago, in karnataka, lived a man. One day he went to his mother in law’s home for a visit. The mother in law served him a delicious sweet called Kadubu. He had never eaten them before and enjoyed a dozen kadubus but still felt like having more. But he felt shy to ask his mother in law for more. He started back to his home, and decided to ask his wife to make 2 dozen Kadubus just for him.

” Kadubu Kadubu Kadubu”, he kept telling himself, so he would not forget the name of the sweet. On his way, he came across a big tree. A monkey jumped from one branch to another. The man kept looking at the monkey all the while saying Kadubu Kadubu Kadubu. The monkey looked at him and made a face, sticking his tongue out. The man made a face in return. All this while, the man kept looking up at the monkey and did not notice a rock on his path.

The man tripped over it and fell face down. He was hurt badly and his chin and forehead were swollen. But he was more worried for something else. He had forgotten the name of the sweet! He tried hard to recollect. He thought and thought. Was it badakku? Or dobakku? Or kodakku? Dubaku! Dubaku it is! The man was sure it was Dubaku and went his way. At home, his wife saw his swollen face and asked what had happened. The man ignored her question and said, “Make Dubaku’s for me”. His wife asked, “What Dubaku? I do not know how to make Dubaku, whatever it is. Am worried you are hurt. Look at your face. Your forehead and chin look like Kadubus”. And the mans face lit up, “Yes Kadubus it is. Can you make me 2 dozeb Kadubus please?”. Both the man and wife rolled in laughter and later enjoyed some home made Kadubus.

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