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How To Make Kids Environment Friendly Naturally

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How to Make Kids Environment Friendly by Using the Power of Stories?

Start them young!!

You’re never too young to start loving our beautiful planet and nature. Talking about subjects like Nature, the environment and climate change can be daunting. “The environment” encompasses so many issues, yet instilling our children with values such as living a sustainable life and protecting our environment are crucial for future generations to be able to thrive. 

With the help of wonderful stories and books for kids about the environment and nature, they will take home the message that Planet Earth is one awesome ecosystem worth fighting for. They may even be inspired to work for local environmental issues, restoration efforts, or take up a cause such as cutting down on plastic use or planting a native garden.

Here is our Top 5 Environment friendly books and stories to help children learn about the importance of nature and looking after the natural world and environment.

Curious George Plants a Tree

Everyone loves this silly monkey. When George becomes curious about the science museum’s “Green Day”, his enthusiasm for recycling gets him into all kinds of silly predicaments around town. Thankfully George’s curiosity introduced young readers to many ways that they can live a little greener. The book includes a list of around 20 kid-friendly green living tips to make kids environment friendly. A fun book and a great start to introduce nature and plants for 2-5 year old.

Too Much Stuff by Emily Gravett

This funny woodland story with an environmental message is a perfect picture book for young eco-warriors. Meg and Ash are a pair of magpies who are building a nest for their eggs. They start by using the usual building materials – mud, sticks and grass – but they are soon convinced that they don’t have enough stuff. They add more things – from cuckoo clocks to mops and socks, a pram and even a car – to their ever-growing pile, until the inevitable happens and there’s a big crash! Perfect read for 4-7 year olds!


Mithi – Garden Girl by Hey Cloudy (To inspire kids to save plants and tress)

If you want to take direct action with your little one, there’s no better way than by starting a garden! It doesn’t matter how big our garden is, and how many plants you have in it, what only matters is that you start! 


Hey Cloudy’s Garden Girl Series stories are a wonderful start for the same. Have you heard how our Garden girl Mithi is planning to build her garden? What do you think she is going to grow in her own little garden? Fruits? Vegetable? 

Listen to the story of Mithi’s own garden on HeyCloudy App and find out yourself!

Hey Cloudy also has audio bedtime stories for toddlers and kids aged 3 years to 10 years.

How Cloud of Trash Makes Kids Environment Friendly

In this wonderful story of a little girl Cheekoo, it is beautifully explained about the importance of saving the environment from trash and kids go green. If you’re looking for a wonderful way to explain to your little one how not to litter everywhere, this is one of the best reads. Kids learning how not to harm the environment is as important as making your kids environment friendly.



Plastic Sucks! You can make a difference by Dougie Poynter

How can we all help save the planet? Dougie Poynter, musician and environmental activist, is here to show kids how they can help in the mission to cut-out single-use plastic. 

Full of top tips and infographics, Plastic Sucks! explains the history of plastic, draws on the experience of key campaigners and eco-entrepreneurs and includes easy steps we can all take to make small changes and become champions for the planet. This is a perfect book for little older kids, 8+ ages. 

We hope you liked the book recommendations that set a great start for you and your little one to introduce them to Earth, Nature and Environment.

These will surely make your kids environment friendly or at least inspire them towards the right path.

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