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How to keep kids busy at home?

Parenting through Stories

2020 – The best time in human history to be alive, is facing one of the worst pandemics in recent times. With schools and daycares shutdown, parks and recreation closed, kids(and parents!) are spending a lot of time indoors. And that means this is the time to catch up on all the days missed because of deadlines, exhaustion, and overload. As they say, when life gives us lemons, let’s make lemonade!

Here are 10+ definitive ways to keep your kids busy at home, in a good way!

1. Make a Tent

Pull out some chairs and blankets and voila, make yourself an indoor tent. Go camping with your furry friends, read a book, giggle and just relax!

2. Listen to Stories

Listen to Stories, Tell more stories, Make your own, Mix them up. Whatever you do, believe us, stories are the best thing next to mommy’s hugs.

3. Learn your mother tongue

How about teaching your little ones a bit of your mother tongue? Be it to speak or to read/write, Alphabets, Words, tongue twisters, Proverbs – be it anything, learning your mother tongue is a sure-fire way to get closer to your roots.

Did you know that you can listen to stories now in Hindi and Tamil on HeyCloudy?

4. Make your own Storybook

Pull out all those old, unused magazines and flip them to get attractive pictures. Cut the pictures, put them on a chart that goes on the wall or compile them into pages to make a book. Make a story with the pictures and give the old pictures a whole new meaning.

5.Play some traditional games

There is no better time like now to up your skills when it comes to spinning a top or rolling a die. Have a conversation with your grandparents to discover a whole new set of games!

And do not miss to listen to the adventures of Roly, the marble on Heycloudy

6. Roleplay

Much has been said about how Role play benefits children to develop emotionally and socially. Role play not only encourages creativity and imagination, it also gives them a framework for hours and hours of play!

Next time, your child comes to you asking ‘What can I do now?’, ask them, “How about being a postman?”, or “How about being an icecream maker?”. A teacher, an astronaut, a chef, a pilot, there are so many hats to wear. Only the sky is the limit.

Neev, the adventurous little boy is a master in role-playing. Say Hello to Neev!

7. Look at the night sky

Look at a clear night sky and the countless stars adorning it like shiny crystals on a black cloth. Connect the stars and make imaginary shapes. Make sure to mark attendance for all the stars and shapes present.

Do you find a missing shape like the little girl Riddhi? Listen to the story here!

8. Cook together

Toss some veggies, add in some spices, call it this or call it that. We are sure it is going to taste yum when little chefs are around. Just like our Bunty bear who made a salad with his mommy bear.

By the way, do not miss the most important ingredient of all. Do you know what it is? Find it here!

9. Teach to read time

Time waits for no man, they say. Let us freeze time by making a DIY clock with just chart/paper. Added Bonus – Use it as an educational tool to teach time.

10. Make Paper Garlands

Paper garlands are fun! Fold some paper, cut it into whatever shape you like, open it up and Tada! We love to make Mithi, the garden girl garlands to show the world how we can join hands to make this place a better one!

11. Brush up what you learned at school

Last but not the least, let’s not forget the school 🙂 Brush up concepts in a fun way at regular intervals. Be a spell bee at our Bee’s tea party, or learn about space with talking telescope or think deeper with our half chicken, Medio Pollito.

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