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Fifi The Rainbow Fish


As social beings, the skill of leadership is an important one in our system. Leadership skills help us in exploring ourselves the most. This set of skill makes us aware of our choices and decisions. It gives us a sense of control over ourselves and our immediate environment. It instils a sense of confidence in ourselves and helps us to build our capacity to work in a team. Leadership skills motivate us to act efficiently in a social setting. Most importantly, it teaches us about the importance of being humble. But how do we teach our children the skills of being a leader?

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” –Warren G. Bennis

The recommended story for this week is the story of a rainbow-colored fish. The fish is different from all the other fishes in the pond in appearance. The fish is not accepted by others around her because she appears differently than others. She was all alone. Until one day, she turned out to be the leader of all the fishes in the pond.

The story of Fifi – The Rainbow Fish is an exclusive story that portrays the idea that physical differences in individuals are never a scale of judgment. It teaches the child about not forming a judgment about another person through his physical appearance or outlook. Secondly and most importantly, it teaches your child the skill of leadership. It touches upon the qualities of being a leader, i.e, being bold, assertive, and confident. It teaches children about the importance of team building and how to work and manage as being a part of a team.

Lastly, the story of the Rainbow Fish emphasizes the development of the decision-making ability in children. It talks about being empathetic about other’s feelings and helping them when they require it the most.

What are you waiting for?

Teach your little one the most important skills which will help him to walk smoothly through life. Hurry up and listen to the story of the fish with your child on HeyCloudy.

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