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Extend : Let’s make Modaks

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Have you heard the story of The Modak’s Mustache? Listen to it now to know how the Modak’s got a Mustache!

Shall we see how to make yummy modak with clay today.

Gather all these materials before we start.

  • Clay or playdough(Here we have used green, yellow, pink and white)
  • Toothpick
  • Roller
  • Round lid or plate

Now that we have all the materials, shall we start making them.

Make small round balls with clay

Gently press the bottom of the clay and make it into a pyramid with your fingertips.

Now let us make some markings on our modak. Take your toothpick and gently press on the sides of the modak.

And our modak is ready to be served. Shall we serve it on a round plantain leaf? Let us make it as well. Take your green color clay and make a small chapatti with the roller.

It’s ok if it is not perfectly round. We can use our lid to remove the excess dough

Have you seen a plantain leaf? They have lines in them. Shall we mark the lines as well? Take your toothpick and mark the lines on the round made. Let’s place all the modaks on the leaf

Our modaks are ready!

Did you know that you can now listen to the Modak’s Mustache in Tamil too? Listen to the story now!

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