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Easy Christmas Tree Craft Activity for Kids


The best way to see Christmas is through the eyes of a child.

For every child and the child within us ‘X’ for Xmas tree is the first thing we learn about Christmas. The joy of Christmas comes from the feel of a festive atmosphere. Begin the joy and excitement of Christmas with this simple craft activity with your kids.

Spend fun and quality time with your child and do this simple activity of making a Christmas tree.

Materials Required:

  • Triangle cutouts
  • Green colour paint
  • Paint brush
  • Decorative items
  • Icecream stick or a wooden skewer
  • Glue
  • A bowl of water
  • Newspaper
  • A waste cloth to wipe


  • Spread a sheet of newspaper on the activity area.
  • Paint the triangle shape cutouts with the green colour paint.
  • Keep it aside to dry. After it dries,stick the decorative items with the help of glue and decorate the trees.
  • Once dried, stick an ice cream stick / skewer on the back of the christmas tree.
  • Create a few Christmas trees with different decorating ideas. ( See the picture for the Clues)

Benefits of this activity: 

Caters to the following skill development in your child:

  • Cognitive Development– Learning  and recognition of shapes and colours -Triangle shape and Green colour
  • Physical Development – Helps enhance fine motor skills
  • Social and Emotional Development– Helps boost the bond between a child and parent through thoughts and expressions.
  • Language Development – Enhances communication skills and vocabulary

Tips for parents:

  • Give your child autonomy : Freedom to create gives the child a sense of achievement and helps build self esteem.
  • Appreciate : Appreciation motivates a child to do better and builds confidence.

Every child deserves the hall of fame and appreciation for his or her hardwork. Do share the pics of your activity on our Facebook group


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