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Calabash Kids

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The Calabash Kids is a story told among the Chagga, a tribe who live near Mt Kilimanjaro in the north of Tanzania.

The story is about an old woman named Shindo. She prays every day for children to love and care for, children who can help her with her chores. One day Shindo is blessed with seeds that grow into little calabashes(a bottle gourd like vegetable). These are not ordinary calabashes though. They turn into children when Shindo is away and help her with her chores. However, One calabash child, Kitete, is so clumsy. Shindo soon finds the secret about the calabash children and beg them to stay with her. But one day, Shindo does something that she regrets later. And little Kitete turns back into a calabash. What did Shindo do? Will little Kitete come back? What do we we learn from Shindo?

Find out what happens and experience this story in audio here – The Story of Calabash Kids

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