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Brazilian Folktale – How the night came to be!

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Have you noticed the darkness swallow the sun at dusk, first slowly and then all at once? We pay little attention to the mundane things in life until something changes.  Even as we continue to long for the old things, we  learn to embrace the new. Here is one beautiful folktale from Brazil about how the night came to be. This is no ordinary story, for you will see it through the eyes of the snake princess.

Princess Serpente’ is happy in her world deep in the ocean. She marries a prince who belongs to the land above and comes to live with the him. In no time she begins to miss the ocean’s darkness. Her heart is filled with sadness. In a bid to make her happy, the prince sends his men to meet Serpente’s father; the snake king.  The snake king sends some darkness for his daughter and cautions the men to keep it safe during their journey. As luck would have it, things go wrong and the darkness spreads everywhere. Serpente’ realises the consequence and makes another wish. To know what happens next, listen to this story unfold beautifully.

Experience this story in audio version here – How the night came to be – Audio Story


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