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13 Best Moral Stories for Kids – Audio Stories

Moral Stories for Children

Listening to moral storiesLooking for moral stories for kids? Do you recollect the stories you listened to as a child? There was something warm about them, isn’t it? A lot of these stories had kings, fairies, witches, snakes and more. Many of them had a moral at the end.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to tell these stories to your children?

What is a moral story? Why are moral stories for children important?

Moral Stories are stories that offer a life lesson for little children. They have a message. Moral stories make children think about what is right and what is wrong. Reading moral stories or listening to moral stories are very important to kids. These moral stories help them to have a solid foundation in life. They help children to deal with real life situations. For example, when a child is tempted to tell a harmless lie, moral stories make them think about it at a deeper level.

Good childResearch shows that young children learn moral values from the stories they listen to. When you read or tell a moral story to your child, they start thinking about good and bad.

So, telling or reading moral stories can be of great help to your child. And it is never too late to start. Inculcate the habit of listening to moral stories every day.

Here is a list of 13 moral stories for children in English to help your child develop moral values!

1. Honest Woodcutter
2. Greedy Dog
3. The boy who cried wolf
4. The goose and the golden egg
5. The most important body part
6. Hare and the tortoise
7. The oak and the reeds
8. The happiest of all
9. Gandhi – The power of truth
10. Monkey and the crocodile
11. Capseller and the monkeys
12. The talking cave
13. Tortoise and the geese

Honest Woodcutter

honesty is the best policyOnce upon a time, in a small village, there lived an honest woodcutter. The woodcutter had never lied to anyone in his life. He was an honest man. Every day, he went to the forest, and chopped wood from the trees. One day, he was cutting wood from a tree near a river. Suddenly, his axe slipped from his hands and fell into the deep river. The woodcutter was shocked and started crying. A forest fairy came out of the river and offered him a “golden” axe. Would the woodcutter accept what is not his?

Moral of the Story : Honesty is the best policy

Greedy Dog

Once there was a greedy dog. He was feeling very hungry that afternoon. He wandered around the village and quickly grabbed a big piece of bone in his mouth and ran away as fast as he could! The dog climbed on a bridge in the river and started walking towards the other side, when he suddenly noticed something in the water. He looked closely. He was shocked to find another dog in the water staring back at him. It also had a bone in its mouth.  But the foolish dog did not know that it was his own reflection.

Now, the dog was very greedy. He wanted the other dog’s bone too.  He barked at the other dog and…SPLASH!!! The bone fell into the water! Not only did the greedy dog not get a second bone, he even lost the one which he already had.

Moral of the Story : Greed makes you lose what you have.

The boy who cried wolf

moral stories for childrenA long time ago, there was a mischievous boy, who looked after sheep and goats. Every morning, the Shepherd-boy gathered the cattle and took them up the hills. One day, the boy was lying on his mat under a tree and was feeling bored. An idea struck him. He yelled at the top of his voice, “HELP! HELP! A WOLF IS ATTACKING!”. The villagers came running to help him. But there was no WOLF! The shepherd repeated his prank again and again, till one day his prank taught him a lesson.

Moral of the Story : No one believes a liar.

The goose and the golden egg

moral stories Once upon a time, there lived a farmer who owned a farm full of geese and chickens. There was this one goose on his farm that did not lay any eggs at all. And one day, it laid a golden egg! From that day, it laid one golden egg every day. But the farmer wanted ALL the eggs immediately and what did he do?

Moral of the Story : Be content! A bird in hand is worth two in the bush

The most important body part

One day, all the body parts started quarrelling about who among them is the MOST IMPORTANT! The mouth, the legs, the hands, all of them started fightingAt the end, the body parts teach us an important lesson. They teach us that each and every one of us is important

Moral of the Story : Everyone is important. All are equal.

Hare and the tortoise

Aesop fablesThe slow tortoise and the quick hare get into a running race. Whom do you think will win? The hare? Or the tortoise? The hare and the tortoise is one of the most told and most loved story among children. With its simple story line, it teaches little children a moral one should never overlook.

Moral of the Story : Slow and steady wins the race

Moral Stories – The oak and the reeds

Once upon a time, there was an Oak tree. Around the oak tree, beautiful tall green grass called reeds grew. The Oaktree was boastful and rude. It used to make fun of the reeds. Suddenly a strong wind blew towards them,Woosh! And what happened to the strong and mighty Oak tree? It stood proud and tall and  fell down. The reeds, however, bowed to the winds and came out unharmed.

Moral of the Story : Too much pride leads to destruction

The happiest of all

Once, there was a stonecutter who wished to become a happy person. The mountain spirit helped him become whatever made him happy. But in this series of transformations, he realised that he had been the happiest of all as a stonecutter itself.

Moral of the Story : Be content.

Gandhi – The power of truth

listening to storiesWhen Gandhi was a young boy, his parents  called him Moniya with love. One day, Moniya  stole a bit of gold from his brother. No one knew that Moniya had stolen it.  But then, as days passed ,  Moniya felt bad because he knew he had done the wrong thing. . He wanted to tell the truth to everyone . He wanted to tell his father that he was the one who stole the gold. But telling the truth did not look easy at all.  What did he do? Did his parents punish him for stealing?

Moral of the Story : Truth triumphs.

Monkey and the crocodile

Once upon a time, a monkey became friends with the crocodile. The monkey gifted his friend with sweet fruits from the tree he lived in. The crocodile took them home to share it with his wife. But the Crocodile’s wife had a strange desire. She wondered, if the fruits were so sweet, how would the monkey who ate these fruits everyday taste like? And so, the crocodile tricked his friend, the monkey, to come to the river with him. Will the monkey escape this danger?

Moral of the Story : Choose your friends wisely

Capseller and the monkeys

A long time ago, a capseller lost all his caps to a troop of mischievous monkeys.

He wondered how he could get his caps back. He scratched his head. Suddenly, all the monkeys also started scratching their heads. The cap seller was so upset that he made an angry face at the monkeys. The monkeys madean angry face too.  The cap seller then thought “Ahhhh, these monkeys love to copy what I do.” And he got an idea. What did he do? How would he get his caps back from these naughty monkeys?

Moral of the Story : Think deep when in trouble to solve your problems

The talking cave

Panchatantra storiesA hungry lion enters the cave of a fox and wait for his prey. The Fox comes back home but is clever enough to note the changes in his surroundings. Will he escape from the Lion?

Moral of the Story : Be aware of your surroundings

Moral Stories – Tortoise and the geese

Once upon a time, there was a talkative tortoise. When the pond he lived in dried, his geese friends agreed to help him on one condition. He should NOT open his mouth till they reach the new pond. Will the talkative tortoise be able to do this?

Moral of the Story : Listen more than you talk

Listen to more moral stories for children and more such inspiring stories from India for kids. HeyCloudy, India’s first Audio Stories for children has hundreds of Moral Stories, Folktales, Fairytales, Panchatantra, Aesop fables, Tenalirama, Akbar birbal and Mythology stories for little children to listen to. Listening to moral stories will improve language skills, moral values and ethics in children.

The more you listen, the more you learn!

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