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An Engineer’s dream – Sir M.Visveswaraya

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An Engineer’s dream – Sir M.Visveswaraya

A long time back, in a village named Muddenahalli in Karnataka, lived a little boy named Vishva. Vishva went to the school in his village. He loved to learn and enjoyed going to school. He walked a long distance every day to his school. Soon, he completed his schooling and went to college and became a Civil Engineer. A civil engineer is one who designs and builds roads, bridges, dams and many more. M.Visvesvaraya, who was fondly known as Vishva when he was young, became a civil engineer and helped people by building roads and dams.

One day, when M.Visvesvaraya was working in Mysore, he looked at River Kaveri and thought, “Building a big dam across this river Kaveri will help my people here”. He was true. People of the region, especially farmers, were using the water from River Kaveri to grow crops and food. When Kaveri dried up, they had no water for their crops. A dam, that stored water when there was rains, could help the people. So, M.Visvesvaraya asked the help of Maharaja of Mysore, Maharaja Krishna Raja Wadiyar. The Maharaja happily agreed and gave him all the support to build the dam. M.Visvesvaraya started building the dam in 1911 and it went on for 20 long years. More than 10000 people worked together to build the dam. Yes children, that is how long it takes to build such a huge one in those days.

But Sir M.Visvesvaraya was a dedicated engineer who made this happen. His birthday, Sep 15, is celebrated as National Engineers day in India. The dam he built, stands tall and proud even today, 100s of years later. It is called the “Krishnasagara Dam” or the KRS Dam in Mysore, named after the Maharaja of Mysore. Have you been to the KRS dam in Mysuru? When you visit there, Do not miss to visit the Brindavan gardens too!

A Story dedicated to Sir M.Visvesvaraya, whose birthday we celebrate today as National Engineers day. A salute to all the engineers who make our lives a little better!

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