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Amazing Benefits Of Reading Bedtime Stories To Your Child


A simple routine before bedtime could give not just one but four benefits to your child. 1:4 is an absolutely great ratio to miss out on. Yes, we are talking about bedtime stories. A bedtime ritual of listening to stories can

  1. Calms down your child

Bedtime stories calms down not just the child but the parent as well. Listening to a story is an immersive experience. It makes you forget everything else  and prepares us for a good night’s sleep

2. Develops vocabulary

Bedtime stories develop vocabulary. And how? Without the child even noticing it. Isn’t it a great way to learn? 

3. Expands their imagination

Stories can explore situations that aren’t possible in real life. By letting go of the boundaries, a child can take a big leap for the entire mankind. Before 1969, landing on the moon could just have been a  wild imagination. That wild imagination later became a giant leap for mankind.


  1. Creates a loving bond 

Listening to a bedtime story is a great way to cuddle and be present in the moment. As you giggle and emote together, you are making memories for a lifetime.

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