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A house in the clouds

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Sometimes, with fame and popularity come problems. Here is a story about a young man who becomes popular owing to his smartness. It is that very smartness and popularity that give him a difficult time. But the smart person that he is, he finds a solution to that too.

Jafari a young man is popular in his village for his smartness. The village chief however dislikes him and wants to put him down. He challenges Jafari to build a house in the clouds. Jafari realises that the village chief is only trying to trick him. He finds a very interesting way out of the situation.  The village chief himself is taken aback and ends up admitting that Jafari is indeed a smart man. This African folktale teaches that there is always a way out of every problem.

Experience this story in audio version here – http://bit.ly/HCHouseInTheClouds


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