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A groom for Manjhi’s daughter

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We all like to have the best of things. Sometimes we also like to have the best of people around us. This is a story of a man who wanted to do give his daughter the best of everything. When his daughter grew up, he wanted to find the most intelligent man for his daughter. Why? That’s because his daughter was a very intelligent girl. Now, how did he find the most intelligent husband for his daughter?

Manjhi wanted to get his intelligent daughter married to an intelligent man. He found a smart way to find such a man. How did he do it? Well! He had a task in mind. He announced that the man who succeeded in completing the task could marry his daughter. Many men who came forward to marry the intelligent girl, failed. But there was just one man who succeeded. What was the task? Why did so many men fail? What was so special about the man who succeeded? To know what happened listen to this very interesting story.


Experience this story in audio version here – A groom for Manjhi’s daughter


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