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7 Science Stories For Kids Curious Minds

Science stories for kids earth and telescope

Science stories for kids is not something that’s just in books or classrooms. They are everywhere, in the water we drink and the air we breath every moment. It is in the busy little worm in the garden and in the crow that flies over our houses.

That’s not all! Science is in the apple that rolls off from your hand when you try to peel it in a hurry. After a long day, if you look up at the night sky, science is there too.

Here are 7 Science Stories for Kids that let them explore Science in a fun and interesting way.

1. The wriggly worm science story for kids

Science story for kids

Earthworms are slow and slithery. You will find them in the soil wriggling about here and there, going into the soil and coming out from elsewhere. It may seem like that’s all they do all day.

But there’s more to an earthworm than just the wriggly movement.

When the earthworm wriggles in the soil, it travels through layers of soil. Its movement is so smooth and gentle that the soil simply loves it. The soil loosens and makes it easy for plants to grow roots that are long and healthy.

Isn’t that a great reason that the earthworm is called the farmer’s friend?

Listen to the story of The Wriggly Worm, here, that mixes fun and learning into one perfect package. Learning is fun with Stories!

2. Listen to my body science story for kids

Girl with stethoscope

Right from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, we listen to so many different sounds around us. But do we listen to ourselves and the wonderful sounds that our human body makes?

Every time we breathe, there is a gentle sound of air coming through the nose. Every time we laugh at a very funny joke, there is a loud sound coming through the mouth. That is not all, there is so much more to what our body can do.

Why don’t we listen to a wonderful audio story, here,  about listening to the body from Storyweaver.

3. The thirsty crow science story for kids

Crow and pot story for kids

Thirsty and tired on a hot summer day, a crow is looking for water to drink. But to its dismay, not a drop of water is in sight. The crow then finds a water jug with very little water at the bottom. Too little for the crow to even reach! What would the crow do now? Well well, we all know the story too well. The intelligent crow drops stones into the water, makes it rise up and then drinks the water happily!

What is there to learn from such a simple story, you ask? A lot! A lesson on not giving up, to start with. The learning does not end there! It subtly touches upon the concept of Water displacement! “When an object enters water, it pushes out water to make room for itself.

The object pushes out a volume of water that is equal to its own volume.” ALL of that explained in a simple story! Isn’t that amazing?

Listen to audio story here

4. A Story about Gravity

Apple and gravity story for kids

A little boy is amused that an apple he throws in the air comes falling down back to the ground. It is something he just doesn’t understand.

He rushes to his mother hoping he will get some help in keeping the apple in the air. He even climbs up a hill and throws the apple from there, thinking that the height of the hill will keep the apple in the air. But no, he is disappointed again.

What do you think stopped the apple from floating in the air? Was it magic that brought the apple down every time? Or is it something else? What goes up must come down and the little boy learns his lesson in this story, “What goes up, comes down“

Listen to the audio story here

5. Adventures of a water droplet

How it rains science story for kids

You must have heard of adventurous people who climb mountains, go river rafting and also sky dive. Have you heard of the adventures of a water droplet?

Winnie is a beautiful and fun loving droplet. Winnie lives with thousands of other water droplets in their mighty house called the ocean. Winnie is busy having fun in the ocean and one day something new happens. Winnie is excited. Do you want to know why Winnie is so excited?

Listen to the audio story here

6. Space Stories for kids

space and galaxy science story for kids

As quoted by Aristotle, ” Imagination is more important than knowledge”, SPACE STORIES would definitely be a great start! For children, the concept of space proves to be an easy and reinforcing one as it acknowledges their ability to imagine and think creatively.

We can closely experience the phenomenon of the objects in space, but cannot readily see or touch them. Space is a real concept that requires some level of imagination to understand it.

As a result of which, it plays a major role in bridging the gap between the two very smoothly. For our children, space becomes relatable because the sun, moon and stars are already in their knowledge through stories and everyday experience.

We bring to you and your little one an amazing collection of audio stories full of interesting facts and concepts about the space! Oh wait, we think we have just what you are looking for!

An exclusive series of SPACE STORIES and a TALKING TELESCOPE! Watch the eyes of your little one sparkle with joy when he/she listens to the stories of the Space unfold itself.

Listen to the audio story here

7. The Most Important Body part

human body science story for kids

Here is a fun story about what happens when the body parts start fighting about who among them is the most important! Not just fun, the story also teaches young children about what different body parts do and makes us all think about an important life lesson at the end 🙂 Listen to The most important body part here.

Want more stories for your kids’ curious mind? Here are 101 stories for kids.

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