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7 Heart-warming stories for Christmas!


It’s that time of the year when red, green and white come together to spread love, joy and fun. Yes! We are indeed talking about Christmas. We can imagine how beautifully you have set up the crib and the Christmas star. We can’t wait to make your day even more beautiful. We have seven absolutely beautiful and heart warming stories coming your way.

1.The Story of Christmas

What a joyful festival Christmas is!

Oh the joys of Christmas. The Christmas tree,the presents,the delicious food, good times with our family and friends, the carols and lighting candles in the church.Everything about Christmas is about  JOY. JOY And LOVE ! Do you know why? To know that, let’s first listen to the story of why we celebrate Christmas.

Listen to The Story of Christmas here.

2. Furry gets the Kindness jar

This December, show your children how being kind can bring joy and happiness! Introducing Furry the Squirrel and the KINDNESS JAR- the Magical Jar that glows and sings with every act of kindness! Furry gets a kindness jar for his birthday, and what does he do to fill up the jar? Listen to these musical stories here and help your children fill their own Kindness Jars!

3. The Gingerbread man

What would it be like to bake something and then watch it jump out of the hot oven and run away right in front of your eyes? Wouldn’t that be amusing! Would you go running after it? Well! Here’s a story of the gingerbread man who jumped from the oven and kept running and running. Catch him here!

4. Why Rabbits are white as Snow!

Di, Da and Dum – The little rabbits in this story are very adorable. When their mother tells them bedtime stories, they keep asking so many questions. One night they asked their mother a very sweet question and it led to a beautiful story about themselves. Do you want to know what that was? Listen to the story of Di, D and Dum here!

5. The Little Fir Tree

A little fir tree wishes to be big like the other trees in the forest. It wants to be able to do everything that the big trees do, like watch the sunrise and touch the clouds. So one night, when the fir tree spots a shooting star, it makes a wish. What is that wish? Find out here

6. The Night Before Christmas

Christmas is almost here. Isn’t that exciting? It ought to be, because the loveliest, jolliest and kindest man is going to be in town. While we wait for him to leave us some wonderful gifts, let’s see what this little boy’s story is all about. Listen here!


7. Papa Panov’s Special Christmas

Don’t we all wonder what God looks like? Does he eat, does he smile, does he talk? We don’t know that right? It’s not just us. There was a man called Papa Panov who wanted to see God too. Here’s a story about him. Listen to this heartwarming story here!

And that’s not all! Here is a special bonus that is sure to make your spirits soar high this festival season. Listen and sing along Christmas carols! Sway to the music here!

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