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101 Amazing Stories for Kids

101 Stories for kids

101 Amazing Stories for Kids

What is heaven on Earth for a child? A Child’s heaven is in the arms of his/her parents, snuggled, cuddled, secured and listening to stories.

The whole world is full of stories, right? 

Stories are all around, right from the time the child gets up till the time she goes back to sleep. And Children enjoy Stories.

Stories keep children active and entertained be it for travel time, relaxation time or to gain some knowledge. From Brain development to Learning Values, from Inculcating Good Habits to Teaching the Kids How to Read, from Exploring the World to having fun with their Favourite Characters the list is endless and Stories are present everywhere. Stories have no boundaries. 

Stories help in brain development
Stories for kids help in Brain Development

The most wonderful way to help a child grow, develop beautifully, inherit qualities, establish problem-solving skills, explore things, be curious, understand emotions etc is through stories. Moreover, they can also guide parents through homeschooling.

In this digital era, stories help parents to establish a connection with the child. Little parenting issues like aggressiveness, back answering, unhealthy eating habits, applying discipline, sleeping etc can be beautifully handled with stories. A child starts imagining herself/himself in place of the story character and deals with the situation accordingly.

Here is a list of 101 Stories for Kids which they would absolutely Love and Enjoy!

Kids enjoy listening/reading the same stories again and again, every time a child goes through the same story, they capture something new. And thus, many stories are evergreen! They are still fresh, ready to be re-told and re-read by children.

Stories can belong to different genres. Genres help them select the nature of stories and their subject matter. Given below are some Genres of Kids stories for the age group 2 to 10 years. 


  1. Moral Stories

  2. Bedtime Stories

  3. Short Stories

  4. Fun Learning Stories

  5. Why Why Stories

  6. Classics

  7. Folk Tales

  8. Famous Personalities

  9. Animal Stories

  10. Adventurous Stories

  11. Fairy Tales

  12. Mythology

Moral Stories for kids

Moral stories have engaging narratives which leave a deep impact and help the kids in becoming considerate adults. Kids see their favourite characters learn beautiful life lessons through small incidents in these stories. 

Moral stories help children to be positive towards life. They inculcate good manners as honesty, saying the truth, respecting elders, caring for others etc. 

Here are some Moral Stories we absolutely love

1. The Ant and The Grasshopper 

the ant and the grasshopper story for kids

By: Panchatantra Tales

The story leaves the message  “Hard Work is important in life”. The little ant works hard and saves food and other requirements for the rainy season. Whereas, the grasshopper relaxes and laziness around throughout the summer. The ant helps the grasshopper during his difficult time and sets an example for the lazy grasshopper.

Read the full story here

2. What if Everybody Did That 

 By: Ellen Javernick

The story says, “ all our actions, no matter how small they are, leave an impact on the world. The idea is to insist the kids think about the situation where everyone would always break the rules around. It makes the reader imagine a world where no one follows any rules and the mess they create around themselves hence teaching them the importance of following the rules.

3. Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are

By: Dr Suess

This lovely story by Dr Suess teaches the kids to focus on good things and forget the bad ones. A young boy meets an old man in the desert who explains to him how lucky and grateful he has been throughout his life.

You can buy the book here

4. The Two-Headed Bird Chikoo

By Hey Cloudy

This is a story about a bird which talks about the benefits of eating healthy food. The story beautifully narrates the side effects of eating junk food on the kids.

Here is the link to the audio story.

5. The Lion and the Mouse

the lion and the mouse story for kids

By: Panchatantra Tales

This story teaches us that size doesn’t matter and friends always help us in need. In the story, the lion is rescued by a small mouse from the hunters net and later become good friends with each other. Read the full story here

The audio of this story can also be heard on Hey Cloudy. Hey Cloudy also has great audio stories for 3 year to 10 year old kids (kindergarten to grade 5).

6. The Shepherd Boy Who Cried, Wolf

By:  Aesop Tales

This is an interesting tale that teaches children to never lie. The shepherd boy in the story thinks of troubling all the people around him for fun. He learns a lesson later when the wolf actually appears and no one turns for his help. The story can be read here.

You can also listen to this audio story here

7. The Greedy Crocodile

By: Panchatantra Tales

The crocodile in the story is a very good friend of the money. The crocodile tricks his friend monkey for his heart and takes him on his back inside the river. Read/Listen to this interesting story and learn the true meaning of friendship.

8. Waiting for Green to Turn Gold

By: Hey Cloudy

Waiting for green to turn golden is a story that passes on the message of being patient with the things around us. This story has a beautiful report that the kids can enjoy while listening to the story.
Listen to the audio story on HeyCloudy. Hey Cloudy also has great bedtime audio stories for toddlers and babies.

Also, listen to the Hindi Audio of this story on HeyCloudy.

9. The Rainbow Fish

By: Marcus Pfister
The story talks about a fish who is very beautiful and doesn’t want to make friends with other fishes in the ocean. But, the rainbow fish soon realizes that she is considered beautiful only because of other’s admiration.
You can buy this book on Amazon

10. Goose and the Golden Eggs

Aesop Tales

A greedy woman kills the goose thinking the goose has a stomach full of golden eggs. The goose who was trying to help the poor women by giving her one golden egg each day learns a lesson.

Read and enjoy this lovely moral based story here!

Bedtime Stories for Kids

Mother telling bedtime Story
Bedtime Stories make Children feel loved!


Bedtime stories for kids and lullabies play an important role in giving the child a relaxed sleep. They are the best to terminate a child’s busy day. Bedtime stories help in establishing a strong parent-child bond. 

Bedtime gives ample opportunities to initiate a conversation with the child. Young minds can be carved beautifully through this time. Discussions on the ending, characters and learnings from these stories can be initiated with the child.

Some of the must-read bedtime stories are:

11. The Emperor’s Clothes

By: Hans Christian Andersen
This story would make is great for laughs and giggles! It talks about an Emperor who is fascinated by new clothes and changes his royal clothes about four times a day. He is, however, cheated by crooks who make him expensive clothes that don’t exist.

Read it on the link here!

12. The Missing Moon

By: Hey Cloudy
The moon suddenly goes missing from the sky when the two friends hide it from the rest of the world with the help of their friend, giraffe, Roger. Listen to the audio story to learn the different shapes of the moon and enjoy their hide and seek.

Listen to the Audio  story of The Missing Moon on HeyCloudy. Hey Cloudy also has great bedtime audio stories for 3 year to 10 year old kids (kindergarten to grade 5).

13. The Two Goats:

By: Panchatantra Tales

The story talks about two goats standing on opposite sides of the bridge. Both think that the grass is green, soft and better on the other end and want to cross the bridge at the same time. They end up falling in the water stream.

Read this story here and here!

14. The Three Little Pigs

the three little pigs story for kids

In today’s busy world, this is one of the best stories for kids to indulge in talks with the kids about things they want to select later in life. The three pigs leave their parents’ house to build their own houses. It talks about the materials they selected to make the house and how they protected it from the enemy. 

Read the story of The Three Little Pigs here!

15. Going on a Bear Hunt

By: Michale Rosen, Helen Oxenbury

The repetitions of phrases used in the story are loved by all! Kids enjoy it more when the parents add little music to the story. It brings forth the adventure which is just right for the kids.

Buy this book on Amazon!

16. Happy Hippo Angry Duck

By: Sandra Boyoton
Happy Hippo and Angry Duck talk about different moods. This is an amazing book to introduce emotions into young ones.

Enjoy this lovely book here!

17. Pepper learns to Take Turns

Pepper goes to the garden and learns that he has to wait for his turn to enjoy the swing. This book helps parents to teach kids about patience and how important it is in life.
Buy this book on Amazon!

18. Where Do I Sleep

By: Hey Cloudy

It is a beautiful story where a little duckling is trying to find out the most comfortable place to sleep. After exploring, she comes back to her family and her own house and understands that this is the most comfortable place in the world to sleep.

Listen to the Audio story of Where Do I Sleep? on HeyCloudy

Also, listen to this Audio story of Where Do I Sleep? in Hindi on HeyCloudy!

19. Is There Anyone Like Me

By: Fred Strydom, Jess Jardim-Wedepohl, Stephen Wellance
A cute little donkey is on an excursion to find out another donkey the same as him. He finds no one similar and understands that he is unique. The story tries to teach us that we all are unique. 

Read this wonderful story here!

20. The Princess and the Peas

By: Hans Cristina Andersen

On a rainy day, the prince sets off to find the real princess whom he would want to marry. He finds the princess who has a sleepless night as she was lying upon something hard.

Read this story here!

Short Stories for Kids

A short story focuses on single locations and few characters, simple setups and easy endings. This is much fun for young kids. These stories for kids are easy to read and listen to in one go and remember them too.

Three to Four simple words are compiled to make these stories for kids. These books can also be picked up when the kids start reading.

Some example of short stories for kids are:

21. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the three bears story for kids
Goldilocks and the three bears

We talk about a family of three bears. Each bear has its own thing in the house. Goldilock wants to relax and enters the house. She explores the bear house and sleeps on the best bed till the bear family returns home.

Read this wonderful story here!

22. The Real Mother

The real mother is a story of two ladies fighting with each other for a child. Both claim the child to be their child. They go to the king for justice, where the king says to divide the child into two.

Read this wonderful story here!

23. Lion and the Mouse

The story talks about a Lion and a Mouse. The mouse used to trouble the lion when the lion goes to sleep. Lions thinks of punishing the mouse but leaves him looking at his size. The mouse promises to help him when he is in need and keeps up the promise by saving the lion from hunters.

Read the story here!

Listen to the audio of this story here!

24. Hare and the Tortoise

hare and the tortoise story for kids

In the jungle, there were many animals. They all were bored and thought of doing a race of the hare and the tortoise. The next day all the animals were all excited to see the race. This is a very old story that passes the message of slow and steady wins the race to the kids.

Read this story here!

25. Little Red Riding Hood

It’s a story of a little girl who wanted to visit her grandmother. On the way to her grandmother’s house, a wolf tries to catch her. She escapes the wolf and reaches her grandma safely.
Read the original story on the link here!
Listen to the Audio story of the Little Red Riding Hood

26. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The queen was jealous of Snow white’s beauty. The queen told a guard to take snow-white in the woods and kill her. The guard liked snow white and couldn’t kill her. She escaped and reached the house of seven dwarfs. This wonderful story can be read on the link here!


27. The Little Red String

By: Pratham Books

This is a wordless book, a picture book that talks about Nani’s leftover wool piece. How kids play with the string and make different shapes with them to engage the kids for hours and give them different playing options.

Find this wonderful book on  here!

Fun Learning Stories for Kids

These stories for kids often have learnings tagged along with fun. Learning concepts can talking about the Life cycle of a Butterfly or The three states of water or maybe discuss some concept of maths.

28. Listen to my Body

By Pratham Story Weaver

It’s an interesting story where a child starts playing with his own body. He listens to his heartbeat, counts his pulse and enjoys his day.

Listen to this interesting audio story on Hey Cloudy, Audio Story of Listen to my Body!

29. One Day on our Blue Planet…in the Rainforest

By: Ella Bailey

A spider monkey wants to see around and loses track of his mother. The monkey passes through the rainforest and learns about it. This is a search book where every time the child has to search the mother of a spider monkey. This is a series of books and can be read on the link here!.

30. Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

By: Dominic Williams

Kids explore the Solar System with the professor when he lands on Venus, Jupiter and explore their specialities. A beautiful picture book that makes science learning fun for kids. Learn more about this book on https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/585911/professor-astro-cats-solar-system-by-dr-dominic-walliman-and-ben-newman/

31. Animal Architects: Amazing animals who build their Homes

By: Daniel Nassar

Daniel in his book says terminates, chimpanzees, hummingbirds are also architects. The book is full of pencil sketches that take kids through the art of drawing and the field of architecture. Read this book on https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/animal-architects-julio-antonio-blasco/1122013964

32. The Rainbow Girl

By Hey Cloudy

Talks about a girl Ruth who enjoys playing with rainbows and loves being called the Rainbow girl. Ruth learns that all colours of the Rainbow are her friends and she can enjoy them all. Listen to Ruth learn and play with rainbow colours on


 33. Every Tree Counts

By: Sheela Preuitt

A wonderful way of teaching kids to count. Neem, Peepla, Jamun etc are the trees covered in this book, where children learn to count and enjoy flipping the pages also. One can find this book on https://store.prathambooks.org/productDetails?every-tree-counts-English

34. My Mouth is a Volcano

By: Julis Cook

My Mouth is a Volcano says that our thoughts are important to us. The child wants to speak out everything that is in his mind and the volcano burst out.

This book can be bought on https://www.juliacookonline.com/2018/04/06/my-mouth-is-a-volcano/

35. There is a map in my Lap

By: Tish Rabe

The friends’ adventure on the map they have found and learn the basics of maps. This book introduced to children how friendly maps can be.  Buy this book on https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/277902.There_s_a_Map_on_My_Lap_

36. Animals are Delicious

By: Dave Ladd and Stephanie Andersion

This book talks about what animals like to eat and how they relish their meals. It’s a journey that takes the child through the food cycle on earth, land and water.

Buy this book on https://www.phaidon.com/store/childrens-books/animals-are-delicious-9780714871448/

37. The Fantastic Body- What Makes you Tick and How do you get Sick

By: Howard Bennett

Holding 1,000 diagrams and fun facts this book talks about the human body. This is fun to read as kids can see and analyze what they are learning. Available on: https://www.amazon.in/Fantastic-Body-What-Makes-Tick/dp/1623368898

38. T is for Taj Mahal

By: Varsha Bajaj

This book talks about the beauty of the Taj Mahal and many other Indian monuments. It’s indeed a fun way to learn alphabets with your young ones in this way. https://www.getepic.com/book/11958806/t-is-for-taj-mahal-an-indian-alphabet

Why Why Stories for Kids

Why Why stories for kids are excellent for young curious minds. They help them explore, research and investigate all that they see around. These stories give amply opportunities for parents to enjoy the kids world and be a part of their journey.

39. Why do Sunbirds Eat All the Day

By: Pratham Books

How do little birds get the energy to fly for the whole day? Read this why story and get answers to all these questions. Purchase of list book can be done from the link given below:


40. Why the Roosters Crow in the Morning

By: Hey Cloudy

 It’s an interesting audio story by Hey Cloudy which gives simple answers to curious kids. Listen to this story and know what happened when the Sun got missing from the sky.

The audio link to the story is given below: – https://link.heycloudy.co/sbAmLbbSteb

41. Why Lion and Tiger Fear Each Other

By: Hey Cloudy

The Lion and the Tiger select the same home for themselves. They help each other in making the house. Listen to the story to know what would happen when they both start feeling very very hungry. The audio link to the story is: https://link.heycloudy.co/HzcIMZF0oeb

Classical Stories for Kids

These are the tales that are loved and enjoyed by all for many years. They are evergreen and still narrated by tellers. These are traditional tales that talk about different cultures and people. 

Classic tales help the children to know about any country’s rich heritage culture. Some examples of Classic Tales are:

 42. Akbar Birbal tales:

 These tales are full of challenges form the Mughal Emperor Akbar to Birbal which help the child to analyze any situation and come up with simple solutions. These stories have engaging long narratives which hold the kids for a very long time.

A series of Akbar Birbal can be heard on the audio story app Hey Cloudy in Hindi as well as English.
The link to the Hindi stories for kids is https://link.heycloudy.co/bikZ4BZaueb

43. Tenali Rama

By: Hey Cloudy

Tenali Rama was a Telugu poet who advised in the court of Raja Krishna Dev Rai. he used to tell witty and humorous stories to the king. He would solve all the issues in the darbar of the king thru his intelligence and smartness. Read to these stories on: 

Tenali Raman stories for kids

44. Animal Tales of India

By: Amar Chitra Katha

These are collections of books which are going on from generation to generations. Animal stories for kids.

45. The Ugly Duckling

Once momma duck gave birth to many baby ducklings. One out of them was having brown feathers. The brown feathered duckling thought it was ugly and left home. As soon as Mumma realized that one ducking was missing she ran in search. Read this wonderful story on

Listen to the audio of the story on Hey Cloudy:  https://link.heycloudy.co/wlTrN9kxveb

46. The Elves and the Shoe Maker

By: Brothers Grimm

The poor, hardworking shoemaker is helped by three elves in the night to make the best shoes ever possible. An evergreen classic that tells the kids not to be greedy for more and always thank the people who are helping us. This story can be read on:  https://americanliterature.com/author/the-brothers-grimm/short-story/the-elves-and-the-shoemaker

47. The Gingerbread Man

The little boy makes a gingerbread man with his grandma. When the gingerbread man was baked he ran away, not wanting to be eaten 

Listen to this interesting audio story on Hey Cloudy: https://link.heycloudy.co/W49wT4QQteb

48. The Hare and the Tortoise

A tale that talks about slow and steady wins the race. Kids enjoy it to the core when they see the hare and the tortoise race and the slow hare win the race.  Read this story on:


49. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves:

The forty thieves had kept a huge loot in the caves where only these thieves could enter. Ali Baba gets to know the secret code to enter the cave. Read this story and another version of it on https://www.pitt.edu/~dash/alibaba.html

50. The Fisherman and his Wife

The poor fisherman has a greedy wife. One day in his catch, the fisherman catches a golden fish, which he lets go back in the water. The golden fish grants a wish to the fisherman for saving his life. The greedy wife is not happy with any simple wish and demands more and more.

Read this poetic story at https://www.kidsgen.com/fables_and_fairytales/brothers-grimm/fisherman-and-his-wife.htm#

Fairy Tales for Kids

They talk about fairylands, wonderland and the magical world. Fairy tales have Prince and Princess and their Royal places which fascinate the young minds. Different characters like the dwarfs, talking frogs, witches, fairies, mermaids make the kids fly in the magical era.

51. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This is the story of a princess who had to leave her palace and stay with dwarfs. The wicked Queen would ask the mirror, “Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of all.”

Read this story on: https://storiestogrowby.org/story/snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs-bedtime-stories-for-kids/ 

Listen to the audio story on Hey Cloudy: https://link.heycloudy.co/7QGqXzcxveb

52. Little Red Riding Hood

The little girl leaves for her grandma’s place. On the way, she meets a fox and who wants to eat her alive. The girl escapes the fox to reach her grandmother’s house and finds the fox in her grandma’s house wearing her clothes.


53. Sleeping Beauty

The beautiful princess is sent into a deep sleep by the evil curse. The Price comes to rescue her and wakes her from her sleep. Enjoy this story on https://www.amazon.in/Sleeping-Beauty-Sarah-Gibb/dp/0807573515

54. Rapunzel

It’s the story of a princess with long golden hairs. She was trapped in a palace and used her long rope-like golden hairs to step out from the palace. Read this story on https://storiestogrowby.org/story/early-reader-rapunzel-fairy-tale-story-kids/

55. The Frog Princess

The beautiful princess would play in the garden alone tossing her beaming golden ball. The ball tossed and fell in the pond where the price stayed who was cursed of becoming a frog. https://dltk-teach.com/rhymes/princessandfrog/story.htm

56. Jack and the Beanstalk
In the days of King Alfred lived a poor woman and her son Jack. A fairy teaches Jack to be deceitful to his father and always follow the path on which his father went. Read this story on the link below:


57. Aladdin and the Magical Lamp:

Aladdin is pushed into a cave by his uncle who wants him to retrieve the magical lamp. Aladdin gets the lamp for himself and enjoys the story with the gin in the lamp. Read this story on https://parenting.firstcry.com/articles/the-famous-story-of-aladdin-the-magical-lamp-for-kids/

58. The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor

From the classics of Arabin Night, Sindbad the sailor explores the ocean. The story talks about his various voyages and explorations. Read this on https://pdfbooksfree.pk/the-adventures-of-sinbad-the-sailor-by-tony-nicholls/

Famous Personalities

59. The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank

This book is a reminder of how dreadful war can be. Read this book to know what happened when the thirteen-year-old Jewish girl and her family had to leave their house in Amsterdam and go hiding for years. Buy this book on https://www.amazon.in/Diary-Young-Girl-Anne-Frank/dp/0553296981

60. Mahatma Gandhi

Read the autobiography of Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi and know about how he fought for the freedom of our nation. Also, learn about the different missions like the salt mission and what he thought about India’s rich culture. Read about him on https://www.biography.com/activist/mahatma-gandhi 

61. I am Kalam

I am Kalam is a book that talks about the growing up of the little boy who later on in life became the 11th President of India. https://www.exoticindiaart.com/book/details/childhood-of-kalam-stories-based-on-p-j-abdul-kalam-s-childhood-NAQ431/

62. Generous Narendra

By Hey Cloudy

It’s a life incidence of Swami Vivekananda where he learns from his parents what is right and what is wrong. He learns to share his things with an open heart and learns to give without expecting anything in return. Listen to this audio story on  https://link.heycloudy.co/4SkLAMEQveb

63. Dream Big Little Ones

By: Vashti Harrison

It features 18 black women who changed the world. Amongst these women, the children find bold, extraordinary inspiring women who dared to change the world.

This book can be bought from https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38496751-dream-big-little-one

64. Henri’s Scissors

By: Jeanette Winter

It’s a fun biography of Henri Martise. It has beautiful pictures and demonstrates lovely art with scissors and a paintbrush. The book has a beautiful ending too. Read this book on https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Henris-Scissors/Jeanette-Winter/9781442464841

65. Dhyan Singh Chand- Hockey’s Magician

By: Dilip D’souza

As a little boy, Dhyan Singh started playing hockey with a branch of palm leaves. The inspiring story of this hockey champion would motivate the child to pick up a hockey stick and start playing.

This book can be bought from https://store.prathambooks.org/productDetails?dhyan-singh-chand-hockeys-magician-English

Animal Stories for Kids

66. The Monkey and the Crocodile

By: Panchatantra Tales

This is an interesting story which says about the friendship of a monkey and crocodile. The crocodile wants to eat the monkey’s heart and tricks him into water. The clever monkey saves himself and understands that friendship with similar people.


67. The Donkey Who Sang after Eating

By Hey Cloudy

This story talks about a donkey who loves to eat but can’t control his singing when his stomach is full. Enjoy this story full of music and listen to Dabbu’s favourite song on: https://link.heycloudy.co/RmlUejt7reb

68. The Loyal Mongoose

A family in the village takes care of the Mongoose like his son. The mongoose gets killed when he tries to save the family’s baby from a snake. https://www.bedtimeshortstories.com/the-loyal-mongoose

69. The Elephants and the Mice

The elephants relocate themselves as there is no water in the area they are living in. They find a new water body and start living around it. Near that lake lives a group of mice who are getting stamped by the feet of the elephants. Read this story on:


Adventurous Stories for Kids

70. Famous Five

 By: Enid Blyton

These are a series of unlimited adventurous stories of five friends who take up every challenge very enthusiastically. They tactfully solve all the problems and undergo adventures which the reader enjoys.

This series can be read on https://www.enidblytonsociety.co.uk/famous-five.php

72. Harry Potter

By: J.K.Rowling

Harry Potter learns on his eleventh birthday that he is the son of two very powerful wizards. Potter goes to Hogwarts, the English boarding school for wizards. He makes several friends there and undergoes loads of adventures. He ultimately wants to understand the reason behind the mysterious death of his parents. Read this book on https://harrypotter.bloomsbury.com/uk/teachers/series-overview/ 

73. Secret Seven

By: Enid Blyton

It’s a treat to the child’s eyes when they read this detective series. Seven friends are ready to solve any mystery at any time. A series of fifteen mystery novels, Secret Seven is a must-read to all kids.

The entire series of single books can be bought on https://www.amazon.in/Secret-Seven/dp/0340893079

74. Titanic

By: James Cameron

Titanic is the most luxurious liner of her era, known as the Ship of Deams. The adventure starts when the Titanic is on the ice-cold water of the North Atlantic and crashers with a huge ice glacier. Read this story on https://library.um.edu.mo/ebooks/b32144970.pdf

75. Gulliver Travels

By: Jonathan Swift

These are sets of adventurous stories describing several voyages of Gulliver. Gulliver reaches several islands and meets different people of different culture shapes and sizes. Kids enjoy it when Gulliver lands on an island of lilliputs and is captured by them. Read this book on: 


76. Tintin in Tibet

By: Herge

Young Journalist Tintin, his white dog Snoopy and Captain Haddock climb Himalayas to rescue people who are caught thereafter an aeroplane crash. The illustrations in the book are amazing and involve the kids for long hours. It’s a series full of humour and adventure. https://www.tintin.com/en/albums/tintin-in-tibet

77. The Dinosaur that Pooped a Pirate

By: Tom Fletcher

The book is a packet with rheumatic delights, actions and adventures. Danny and Dinosaur said on an old broken ship on the sea. They want to reach the faraway land to find their lost buried treasure.

But this book or read the Kindle edition: https://www.amazon.in/Dinosaur-that-Pooped-Pirate-ebook/dp/B085C3LWGY 

78. Lenora Bolt, the Secret Inventor

By: Lucy Brandt

A little orphan girl Lenora keeps herself busy by inventing small things every time. She feels her inventions are of no use. Jack makes her realize that her Uncle is selling all her inventions and making money. Buy this book on https://www.northbanktalent.com/2020/10/16/puffin-to-publish-leonora-bolt-secret-inventor-by-lucy-brandt/

79. Party Shoes

By: Noel Streatfield

Selina is excited about receiving a parcel of surprise for her. In the parcel, she has a new long party dress and new satin party shoes.  Selina organises a party with her cousins as the grown-up are busy with work. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3787.Party_Shoes

80. The Magic Tree House

Jack and Annie have a Tree House full of storybooks and magical power. Each time they read a book they solve a mystery by reaching into the era of the book they were reading. The series can be read on https://www.magictreehouse.com/series/MT0/magic-tree-house-r

Folk Tales for Kids

81. Wedding of the Mouse

A sage who is not having children pray to god and gets a little mouse as her daughter. When the daughter grows up the sage wants the best groom for her. He approaches the sun, cloud, mountain and wind but marries her to a mouse in the end. Read this story on:


82. The King Who Stopped the River

By Hey Cloudy

This folktale talks about a foolish king and a wise Queen. The king because of his silliness stops the flow of the river. All the villagers get worried. The queen takes quick action and stops the sun from rising.

Listen to the Audio story on https://link.heycloudy.co/sp2wuqQqseb

83. Three for Free- A folktale from Taiwan

One old man staying in a small village started selling dumplings in the village market. One for one cent, two for two and three for free. The villagers started gobbling three dumplings and suddenly things started changing around them. Read this book on:


84. The Three Brothers

A folk tale that talks about three brothers. The eldest one is hardworking and the provider of the family. The two younger brothers sleep all day and have become very lazy. Read this story to understand how these two brothers become as hard-working as the elder brother. https://www.kidsgen.com/stories/folk_tales/the_three_brothers.htm

85. A Groom for Mahanji’s daughter

By Hey Cloudy

Mahanji wants a smart, intelligent and good looking groom for his daughter. He gives a challenge to the boys to survive for a week on the food which can be placed on a leaf. Learn the importance of Banana leaf and see how the groom smartly married Mahanji’s daughter.

Listen to the audio of the story on https://link.heycloudy.co/Za33BeOMveb

86. The Lucky Bird

The bird saw a poor, hardworking woodcutter and laid golden eggs to help him. When the woodcutter went to sell those eggs to the goldsmith. The goldsmith explains the woodcutter to catch the bird and present it to the king. When presented to the king the king don’t believe the woodcutter and the bird escapes the palace.


87. The Barbers Secret

A funny folktale which talks about a king’s secret is known only by the barber. The barber’s stomach starts swelling with the king’s secret inside it. He shares the secret with the trees and listens to what fun happened after that on


88. Forty Fortunes

A folktale from Iran, which talks about a man who has no skills and craft. His wife is greedy and always asks for more and more. Once when she goes for a warm bath in the village spa, she is refused entry as the Royal Queen had booked the spa for herself. Read to his story and see what the lady does on http://www.aaronshep.com/stories/039.html

89. The Monk and the Student

A funny Chinese folktale that tells us how a sincere student Lee taught the Monk a lesson. Read to this story on: https://www.worldoftales.com/Asian_folktales/Asian_Folktale_2.html#gsc.tab=0

90. Enchanted Horse

An Arabic folktale in which the King of Persia is gifted a horse in the royal place by a young man. The king feels that it’s an ordinary horse. The young man claims it to be magical and says it would take you to where you wish to go.  Read this story on https://www.worldoftales.com/Asian_folktales/Arab_folktale_33.html#gsc.tab=0

91. Whatever happens happens for Good

The old man stays alone and earns his living. His only son is in the town for studies. The villagers say to him that they doubt that his son would ever return. On this the old man would always tell, whatever happens, happens for good. Read this interesting folk tale on: 


92. Long Names

This is a fun folk tale for kids. It talks about the days when the people of Mizoram used to keep very very long names for their kids. Unfold this tongue twister story when a child from the family falls in the well and other kids want to inform the elder just by saying ..Tala Bini Bendo Toko Miki Sembu Chima Chimena Kit Kit Kuki Mizi Pizi Hala, his name has fallen in the well.


Mythological Stories for Kids

93. Work is Worship

Lord Narada always feels that he is the biggest believer of Krishna. Krishna takes Narada to a farmers house who works very hards and always enchants Krishna’s name. Read this story and know-how Narada got a lesson of his life.


94. Birth of Rama

Listen to this wonderful epic of Ramanaya and enjoy the birth of Lord Rama. In the kingdom of Ayodhya, King Dhshartha and his three wives give birth to four babies. From birth to exile and Ravana’s defeat, enjoy the audio version of Ramanaya boiled down to the level of our kids on: 


95. Krishna meets Sudama

Poor Sudama comes to meet his old friend Krishna who is now the king of Dwaraka. Krishna welcomes his friend, washes his legs and makes Sudama sit beside him. Read this story and let the kids enjoy the real meaning of a true friendship.


96. The Dedications of Ekalavya

Eklavya is a tribal bow who wants to learn archery for Guru Drona. Drona refuses to teach him because of his low cast. Eklavya reaches the tomb on concentration and proves to be the best disciple of Guru Drona.


97. Little Ganesha’s Favourite Sweet

Ganesha is the favourite Lord of all kids, but have you wondered what is his favourite. Yes, his favourite sweets are ladoos. Listen to the Ganesha series Ganesha get’s elephant head, The Shankh, The Race and many more on Hey Cloudy.


98. The Faith of Prahlada

Prahalad the son of demon Hrianyakashapa prays to Lord Vishnu. Hrianyakashapa hates Vishnu. He makes attempts to kill Prahalad but gets killed by Narashambha. 

Read this story on https://www.ramakrishnavivekananda.info/vivekananda/volume_4/lectures_and_discourses/the_story_of_prahlada.htm

99. The Strength of Sita

After the exile of fourteen years, Rama and Sita return to Ayodhya. People feel that Sits is no more pure as she was kidnapped by Ravana. Sits leaves Ayodhya and stays in Valmiki’s ashram where she gives birth to her twin son’s Luv and Kush.

Read more about this on https://www.dollsofindia.com/library/sita/ 

100. Goddess Kali- The Dark Mother

Raktabeeja was born with immortal powers and was ready to destroy the world. Kali which means Kaal or time has the power to destroy this demon. Read more about Goddess Kali on https://www.templepurohit.com/goddess-kali-the-dark-mother/

101. The Detective in Lanka -Hanuman

Hanuman crosses the ocean to find about Sita in Lanka. He reaches Lanka and is hungry for some fruits. He destroys the Vatika and challenges Ravana of war for kidnapping Sita.

Read this interesting epic on https://www.matrubharti.com/book/19900902/detective-in-lanka-hanuman 

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